Michelle-Red Letter BoxHi, I’m Michelle, mother of a 2 year old firetruck-loving boy. Initially, I found shopping for Alfie a challenge. I believe that less can be more, in quality over quantity and love everything beautiful and I wanted to reflect that in the things I bought for him. 

When I first discovered independent labels I was like a kid in a candy store. I was finding stylish clothes, open ended toys, fun games and inspiring books that were thoughtful, beautifully designed, made with so much care, using organic materials and free of gender stereotype. 

Red Letter Box is my way of sharing these discoveries with like minded parents and care givers. I wouldn't put anything in the box I wouldn't give Alfie and that's a promise. 

I hope your little one will enjoy every item in each box and that you will create as many special memories as I have with Alfie. 

Michelle Lee White
My daily life in squares 


A Red Letter day is a memorable, especially important or happy day. It comes from the practice of marking significant days in red on the church calendar. We're hoping you and your child look forward to receiving your Red Letter Box each quarter!

It is also described on Urban Dictionary as unique, happy and original, doesn’t fit into a category or label, a trendsetter.